An Intro to Visual Facilitation Workshop in Kuala Lumpur this June 2015

Mark this date on your calendar — 11 June 2015.

Our one and only — open to the public on this VISUAL FACILITATION program for the year, so make sure you don’t miss it.

PM to register

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2015 Coaching Visual Facilitation 1 day public prog

Visual Facilitation Comprehensive Program in Kuala Lumpur

Would you like to FACILITATE with VISUALS?
Would you like to NAVIGATE your discussions with the best THINKING PROCESS?
Would you like to be more INCLUSIVE when you conduct your training, discussion, in your decision-making process or even in your KPI or brainstorming session?

It’s time you equip yourself with VISUAL FACILITATION skills – many have benefited from attending our programs the past 10 years, and if you haven’t picked this skill up yet, you should do it soon.

PM us and let us know how we can help you learn this skills

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2015 Coaching Visual Facilitation

Presentation Coaching in Kuala Lumpur, Damansara, Petaling Jaya

Ready to polish your speaking skills?

Give yourself this ultimately rewarding skill. Sign up with our coaching program and find yourself speaking, delivering and presenting the best side of you, each time!

Coaching sessions are conducted weekdays at our Solaris office or Damansara Perdana office.

Coaching available for one-on-one or small group.

For more details or to sign up, please PM us soon.

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2015 Coaching Presentation

Personal Development Programs

With the help of GRAPHICS FACILITATION and COACHING techniques and tools, my Personal CHANGE programs have benefited individuals and also organisations that see Change as an opportunity and are willing to invest in themselves and also those in their team.

All programs are unique and individually designed to ensure the main set objectives are met.

Should you need specially designed programs, retreats, life coaching engagements and other personal development programs, please contact me soon. Let me know how my team and I can help you propel forward. TAKE CHARGE of CHANGE!

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2015 MISB Personal Dev


At times, we would have thousands of thoughts – both negative and positive and also feelings regarding the situation(s) we are facing, and they didn’t seem to make any sense. What you need is the skill to select the right thoughts while acknowledging the feelings you have regarding your situation(s).

Firstly, you need to use a different label. Instead of PROBLEM, use SITUATION. Use CHALLENGES. Choose UPGRADING. Or use “I’m being REPROGRAMMED by this situation”.

Next, you need to have the right MANTRA that resonates with your Soul, and it has to be of the Truth – true to your core being. Although it is addictive to whine and complain about your ‘problem’, you know deep down, you still have to face those situations that you are running away from, those situations & feelings that you are not acknowledging or denying.

Your THOUGHTS. Control and choose. Remember you have the absolute power to choose which ever thought that may come up into your mind — CHOOSE the right ones. Have the will to SELECT the best mantra. Believe it. Live it. Be it.