Benefits of Meditation

Start meditating today!
If you wish to learn how to meditate, you may request for personal weekly session or join our Mini Mindfulness Meditation Retreat or the full retreat.
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LifeCoach * INspire INnerAction INbalance * Kuala Lumpur

Are you in need of a good sounding board?
Are you looking for ways to get yourself unstuck and propel forward in your life, personal / professional?
Are you ready to get results by implementing the next steps?
Are you willing and ready to face your current challenges and brave forward?
Are you ready to commit to your success and happiness?
Sign up for our LifeCoaching programs – available in three different programs
* INspireInstant ( 8 – 16 hours)
* INnerActionDeep ( 24 – 48 hours or 2-4 days retreat)
* INbalanceTransformation (12 months)
What you’ll get in each level of our LifeCoaching program includes
* face-to-face and / or Skype sessions
* exercises and plans to unblock and unlearn and rediscover your SELF
* learning to reprogram your SELF – thoughts and actions
* pave your wave back to discover your purpose
* strategies to help you move forward, make plans and commit to your own success
The LifeCoach will also include other plans, strategies and exercises to help you see and identify patterns that are blocking you for moving forward, so that you are equipped to manage upcoming challenges.
Come speak to our LifeCoach and DECIDE when you finally want to embrace Changes, receive Happiness, and earn the Success you deserve. To inquire or if you’re ready, please fill in this form
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Mindfulness and Meditation Retreat * Langkawi

Mindfulness and Meditation Retreat * Langkawi offers you the art of Mindfulness, with your Self, your surrounding, your State of Mind and recharge, reenergize and reconnect through simple meditation and other mindfulness exercises.
BEing Mindful and combining it with meditation will bring you to a different higher state, enabling you to feel, see, receive and give things that you couldn’t or wouldn’t be able to before.
In this program, you will experience
* how to reconnect and realign your body, mind, and soul
* how to incorporate this art of Mindfulness in your daily life
* how to engage with your food, and how it can be a Mindful act
* how to detox of negativity – from your own thoughts, and external influences
* how to enjoy nature again and just BE in the moment
* how to serve YOU first, especially in challenging situations
* how to use simple traditional Malay and other Asian mindfulness arts to stay centered
The main program is conducted over 2 days in Langkawi, and there is additional session on the third day at only an extra RM1525 per person, limited to four individuals only.
This program is available for personal / private session throughout Asia. Should you wish to customise yours, please connect with us.
Who should attend this retreat:
* Anyone who is ready to make changes
* Anyone who is tired being stuck in the same patterns, the same rut
* Anyone who wants to align and realign what they want and need out of their (personal / professional) life
You are welcome to meet your Life Coach for the retreat, before you make the decision to sign up. PM us soon!
If you’re ready and want more details, please fill in this form and we will be in touch with you soon.
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Business Writing 101 * Solaris * Kuala Lumpur

English Mastery ~ Business Writing Skills 101
In this program, participants will gain a fundamental understanding of good writing for any context. We will start with simple strategies in identifying your business (or work) objectives, needs of the target audience, principles of good writing and also the everyday must-know business documents.
By the end of the program, participants will be able to
* write for a specific context, purpose and audience
* choose the right template
* gauge the right level of formality
* write clearer and more concise
* self-check the structure, jargon, style, content
Content includes
~ The Basics of Business Writing
~ Letters and Memos
~ Preparation and Organisation
~ Drafting and Redrafting
~ Finalizing Your Writing
Full day program
* 9am to 12noon
* 1.30pm to 4.30pm
Your Investment is
* RM360 per person (when you register 1 month before the program)
* RM460 per person (when you register less than 1 month before the program)
To register for the next workshop, please PM us or check the events tab. This customisable program is available for in-house.
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Cultural Immersion Program for Expats in Malaysia

Are you getting your first career posting in Malaysia / Asia?
Could you be expanding outside of Malaysia?
Are you accepting more international staff in your team and not quite sure how to help them settle smoothly here in Malaysia?
We have this special program, each time we conduct it, it’s tailored to suit your cultural management needs – whether it’s your first time work posting in Malaysia or if you’re going be to working out of Malaysia.
Let us help you have a smoother transit through our Cultural Immersion program, for your, and also your whole family.
PM us soon or fill in this form
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Cultural Immersion Program for Expats in Malaysia