Essentials of Visual Facilitation * A Workshop in Kuala Lumpur

Coming to you – this December!

A compact session on the fundamentals of Visual Facilitation. This program is best attended by those who wish to learn more about Visual Facilitation, and you will learn the very basic skills and tools needed to immediately apply during this workshop.

Learn why more than ever, this skill will help you engage with your audience or team, improve understanding and be more inclusive in your decision-making while improving team communication.

This workshop is open to all – regardless of your drawing or facilitation skills.

We have special rates for teachers and also NGO staff. Get 10% off when you register in a group of three or more.

PM to inquire or register.

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Essentials of Visual Facilitation

English, Drama and Literature Camp for Primary Learners * Kuala Lumpur

We’ve finalised some details for the program, and we’re set to take off!

Come on, parents, register your children NOW!

The program will be conducted in Kuala Lumpur AND also in Kuala Selangor on the last day. The last day is meant to get the learners closer to nature, we have some teambuilding and communication activities, and lastly, they need to present their group work here. So, parents, if you’re available, we strongly encourage you to come over to Kuala Selangor’s Malaysian Nature Society hall at 3.30pm where the learners will be presenting their work.

Fee is inclusive of 3 meals / day and also transport to and from Kuala Selangor. More details when you register. The fee is also inclusive of INSURANCE, just in case. We like to be safe when we organise programs for your precious ones.

The main aims of all our ALPHA CAMPS would include character building, communication skills, presentation skills, thinking and creativity skills and of course, encouraging MAXIMUM participation when using the English Language. Other objectives include exposing the learners to the elements of Drama and Literature, where those preparing for IGCSE papers, IELTS, SAT and also TOEFL will have really basic yet comprehension introduction during our program.

Please feel free to ask questions about our program, particularly pertaining to our ALPHA CAMPS.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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English, Drama & Literature Camp for Teens this School Holiday

Hi parents,

We’ve finalised our programs and the fees. Our camps ARE extremely exclusive where we are limiting the group size to a maximum of TWENTY learners only to ensure each learner gets full attention from our facilitators, are able to completely immerse themselves in the program, and better communicate and enhance their creativity and interpersonal skills with their fellow Campers.

So, don’t wait too long to register your child. GROUP Registration of 3 or more will enjoy 10% of the stated fee.

To register, please PM us your email, full name, your child’s details (name, age, gender) and we will be in touch with you soon.

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School Holiday * English, Drama and Literature Camp * Kuala Lumpur

Hi parents,

Here’s some update on our Alpha Holiday Camp * English, Drama and Literature Camp for 14 -17 year-olds.

If you’re keen, please PM us your contact details, email, your child’s name, age, gender and VENUE – Serendah or Bukit Kiara Camp location that you wish your child to join.

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English, Drama and Literature Camp in Bukit Kiara and Serendah this School Holiday

Yes! Yes! Yes! The English, Drama & Literature Camp is all set to take off this November!

We welcome inquiries and also registration for this ALPHA Holiday Camps.

The Camp in Serendah will be a full program, which means participants are required to stay at the venue throughout the whole program, while The Camp in Bukit Kiara is a day program, which means participants only commit their time between 9am to 5pm.

So, parents, we would like to hear from you! Fill up the form by clicking on the link and we will get back to you soon with the Camp program outlines.

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2015 holiday camp eng drama lit