Get UNstuck. Be UNstoppable!

Let’s put yourself first for a change.

Get the boost you need to propel you in the right direction.

Come and work on YOU with our #LifeCoach.

Sign up for our ONE complimentary 30-minute session at our space in Solaris Dutamas or via SKYPE.

You can opt for several UNSTUCK-UNSTOPPABLE coaching packages
* INSPIREInstant ~ 8 to 16 1-hour coaching sessions
* INnerActionDeep ~ 24 to 48 1-hour coaching session or 2-4 days personal retreats
* INBalanceTransformation ~ 12 months program

Take that first step. We would like to hear from you!

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Note: The complimentary session is not available for past and current Coaching clients/ graduates.

Coach Unstuck

All-women DISCOVERY RETREAT * Sekeping Serendah * Kuala Lumpur

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Basic VISUAL Facilitation * March 2016 * Kuala Lumpur

Pick up some great VISUAL tools that you can use immediately in your next coaching, training, teaching, facilitating, discussion, meeting.

In this short half day program, you will learn
1) How to draw simple concepts
2) How to apply VISUALS in your lessons, coaching, training etc
3) How to design a simple VISUAL FACILITATION template that you can immediately use straight-away
4) How to use your VISUAL template with the other participants and get feedback on how to navigate your with your new VISUAL FACILITATION SKILLS

Only RM75 per person (when you register before 1 March 2016).
Normal fee is only RM125 per person.

PM to register

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Raise Your Vibration * Personal Retreat

Are you ‘stuck in a rut’? Not progressing? Nothing is working out in your favour for the past few months, even years?
Would you like to improve your career, relationship, financial situation, health or all of the above?
Invest in yourself in this program with our experienced LifeCoach and get the support you need after the program for 6 months via Skype.
DECIDE today and #RaiseYourVibration for the life you deserve. Work on areas that you have ‘blocked’ and start opening up emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.
Here’s the process before you attend your personalised #RaiseYourVibration coaching retreat:
1) Write to us. We would like to know more about you.
2) We will then set a 15-minutes Skype session between you and your LifeCoach ~ FREE of charge!
3) Then, after your Skype session, DECIDE if you wish to work further with your LifeCoach
4) Once you have DECIDED, choose a venue and a session (Weekday / Weekend) and a month that you’re committing yourself to this program. Suggest a few dates.
5) Let us know how big is your ‘party’ ~ whether it’s just you or it’s you and your spouse / partner etc.
6) We will send you an invoice for the program.
7) After we have received your full payment, you will be given some assignments to work on before attending your retreat.
8) Show up for the retreat and unload~relearn~unlearn~learn~listen as much as you can.
PM us if you wish to know more or ask question or to sign up straight away.
TakeCharge of your life NOW!
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RaiseYourVibration MILS

Mindful Creative Thinking workshop * Kuala Lumpur

More often, we are expected to perform, produce and provide solutions to challenges that come our way, in the fastest way and in the most creative manner. Failures are frown up.

Time and again, most of us get stuck and we tend to respond and react the way we have programmed ourselves, repeating the same decisions, leading to almost the same outcomes.

Come and UNLEARN, LEARN AND RELEARN the way you think and decide by strategizing the way you feel, think and respond to information, ideas, and challenges.

Bring mindfulness back in your life through various thinking and decision making tool!

Check out our events tab of the next open program in Kuala Lumpur or request for an in-house program!

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Mindful Creative Thinking