English, Drama and Literature Camp in Bukit Kiara and Serendah this School Holiday

Yes! Yes! Yes! The English, Drama & Literature Camp is all set to take off this November!

We welcome inquiries and also registration for this ALPHA Holiday Camps.

The Camp in Serendah will be a full program, which means participants are required to stay at the venue throughout the whole program, while The Camp in Bukit Kiara is a day program, which means participants only commit their time between 9am to 5pm.

So, parents, we would like to hear from you! Fill up the form by clicking on the link and we will get back to you soon with the Camp program outlines.

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2015 holiday camp eng drama lit

Personal and Small Group Retreat @ Kuala Lumpur

Let’s get back to nature and unwind while we work on you / your team’s aspirations and goals, on both personal and professional angles.

Book a customised retreat – a 2days-1night or 3days-2nights program at this breathtaking location just out of city.

PM to inquire.

Your Personal Power — don’t give it up!

It’s been a great year. Great — when you feel calm, a tad overwhelmed with the things you are handling and excited when you see potentials and opportunities that are coming your way.

I find myself going back to where I started my career — however just on part time basis — lecturing young adults and teaching Literature to teens. Both groups got me on my toes. I’ve been away from the academic world, somehow, my Life path leads me to this, again, for reasons I know not yet, but I feel I need very much.

Lecturing Communication and Presentation skills to creative, mostly introverted young adults majoring in Arts and Graphics has been challenging. Challenging in the sense that I need to go back to basics – teacher-lecturer-guru mode with a pinch of a friend and a dash of a parent. Last month, little that I know, the interview for their Final examination, made me realize why my Life has lead me to teaching here. My purpose was to empower, support, and build the confidence of these young souls about to embark in their life – academically, personally and professionally. During one of the interview sessions, they randomly pick a topic and I’d ask questions and the students were to answer the questions. That’s when the topic of Lies, Abuse, and accepting your Personal Truth cropped up. The interview opened up a discourse on physical and emotional abuse, and one of the girls was against getting help when one is abused in a marriage. Towards the end of the interview, I saw her eyes welling up, and she could no longer hold it in. To cut it short here, her father has been abusing her mother as long as she could remember, still does until today. Less now, but still ongoing. She vowed to herself to take her mother out of the equation when she has enough money.

After the interview, a personal chat with the three girls in this interview, my two cents after witnessing friends and family going through the same thing can be summed up in…

* you must have your own money. ladies – it’s your ticket to personal freedom, self-worth and equity in a partnership. if you must, have a secret banking account. keep some for yourself. should it work out well with your partner until your 50 years together, enjoy that money – donate it – do whatever you want to do with it. should it turn sour, that money will help you get out of your situation. why most women stay in abusive relationship are because of financial difficulty, low self-worth, societal, cultural and religious implications. some stay on because they have LOST their personal power.

Education Conference in Kuala Lumpur * 2 June 2015

Don’t miss out on the Education Conference on 2 June 2015.

We have extended the Early Bird Rate to 10 April, so sign up soon. And there is NO GST either.

You can also sign up via paypal. Email us should you need details on payment via check or online transfer.


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An Intro to Visual Facilitation Workshop in Kuala Lumpur this June 2015

Mark this date on your calendar — 11 June 2015.

Our one and only — open to the public on this VISUAL FACILITATION program for the year, so make sure you don’t miss it.

PM to register

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2015 Coaching Visual Facilitation 1 day public prog