Cross-Cultural Communication * Kuala Lumpur

Need to understand how to manage your staff effectively?
Ever wondered why your colleague is not ‘truthful’ or being honest when it comes to owning up with a mistake?
Ever been in a meeting with Malaysians who did not speak up?
Are you an #Expat manager or director and your Malaysian staff or counterparts are just driving you insane with their puzzling behaviour?
Now, we actually have the answers for you for all the ‘symptoms’ mentioned above!
Come and find out how you can still manage your work and relationship with your Malaysian counterpart / staff and still deliver when it comes to work. Fill in this form and we will send you details of the program.
To sign up, please PM us soon!
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Cross-Cultural COmmunication

Quote * Paulo Coelho

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Paulo Coelho

Visual Facilitation 201 * Kuala Lumpur

Don’t miss out on this colorful highly interactive workshop!
It will be extremely hands-on where you will learn how to apply Visual Facilitation for different scenarios and demand, from classroom teaching, handling your own workshop, managing a small or large group facilitation (World Cafe etc) to using Visual Facilitation in coaching and counselling.
There will be a 25% OFF extended to those who attended the Visual Facilitation 101 in Dec 2016!
Seats will be limited as we require more space and focus so that each participant get to experience each technique and tool.
To book your seat, please quickly fill in this form and we will connect with you soonest possible.
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Visual Facilitation 201.jpg

All-women Discovery Retreats * Serendah * Kuala Lumpur * Malaysia

Ladies, please grab your seat soon as we’re about to finalise the program and the seats are super limited.
We keep the number of participants for each retreat to a maximum of 12 pax only for open retreats like this one as we would like to really focus on YOU and we’ll be having really in-depth work.
Come join this retreat and DISCOVER more of what you are capable of doing and achieving, build more resilience towards challenges and have strength to go forward. To book a seat now, please fill in this form and we will get back to you soon with the full program details.
If you’re keen to have this program customised for you and your circle of friends or team, please let us know.
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Creativity and Thinking Skills * Kuala Lumpur

Creativity is fun and extremely useful, however, to really push your potential, Thinking Skills should come hand-in-hand. Both these skills are much more powerful when they work together, just like rhythm and lyrics, when combined, make beautiful memorable song.

In this compact highly-interactive workshop, participants will be able to renew and refresh their creative lenses by going through different challenges using various Creativity and Thinking Tools.

The approaches used in the program would be a combine of some lecture, discussion, presentation, Visual Facilitation, creativity challenge, thinking processes, simulation & games and some case studies.

Those who wish to freshen up the Creativity and Thinking Skills should attend this program. Junior executives, facilitators, trainers, teachers, managers and anyone who needs to be thinking on their toes most of the time would benefit most from this workshop.

Should you are keen to sign up and enjoy the Super Early Bird, please fill in this form and we will be in touch with you soon.

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