Personal Power Retreat @ Templer * Kuala Lumpur

A crucial step in anyone’s life, at some point in our lives, we just NEED to gain our #PersonalPower back!
In this extremely compact program designed for those all geared-up to charge forward, and you need some work done, this is your RETREAT!
Before you show up for the retreat, you will be given a workbook to complete and show up for the retreat with all the tasks done. There will be also some face-time or via Skype before and after the retreat, in case you need that extra nudge towards what you’ve set for yourself.
Who should attend this retreat:
* Anyone who is ready to fire up
* Anyone who is tired being stuck in the same patterns, the same rut
* Anyone who needs a sounding board
* Anyone who wants to align and realign what they want and need out of their (personal / professional) life
You are welcome to meet your Life Coach for the retreat, before you make the decision to sign up. PM us soon!
If you’re ready and want more details, please fill in this form and we will be in touch with you soon.
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A Visual Toolkit Workshop for Facilitators * Kuala Lumpur

Calling all facilitators… and those wanting to learn more on how to be a VISUAL facilitator, this is the workshop for you!
In this compact 2-days workshop, you will learn
* the basics of facilitation
* facilitating one-on-one, small groups and large groups
* learning how to leverage from visuals, graphics, photos, graphs, charts, templates, and using it in your own facilitation sessions.
* apply the tools and techniques immediately in our mock facilitation slots during the workshop
* design your own graphic / visual template to suit your facilitation goals
Sign up quickly! Seats limited! PM us to register or fill in this online form
p/s this customisable program is available for in-house
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Visual Facilitation Workshop for Language Teachers

Calling all teachers!
We’ve got something special for you — a program specially designed to give your classroom lessons more boost and color!
Come join us this December! Please be informed that the seats are limited as we need time for all to be able to apply and showcase their new found Visual Facilitation skills immediately during the program!
What you’ll get out of this compact 1-day program
~ tools and techniques to apply immediately in class
~ learn how to just survive with pen / pencil / blank paper / blank whiteboard
Yes, it’s time you let loose and go crazy with your creative side!
PM us to register!
p/s if you can’t attend this program, we’re glad to run the same workshop at your school at a very special fee.
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Cross-Cultural Communication * Kuala Lumpur

Need to understand how to manage your staff effectively?
Ever wondered why your colleague is not ‘truthful’ or being honest when it comes to owning up with a mistake?
Ever been in a meeting with Malaysians who did not speak up?
Are you an #Expat manager or director and your Malaysian staff or counterparts are just driving you insane with their puzzling behaviour?
Now, we actually have the answers for you for all the ‘symptoms’ mentioned above!
Come and find out how you can still manage your work and relationship with your Malaysian counterpart / staff and still deliver when it comes to work. Fill in this form and we will send you details of the program.
To sign up, please PM us soon!
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Cross-Cultural COmmunication

Quote * Paulo Coelho

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Paulo Coelho