Why You Need a RETREAT – Kuala Lumpur

If you’ve answered YES to more than three statements, that’s a clear sign, a RETREAT is your best option to help you manage your current challenges, get clearer ideas and strategies on how to you about from where you are to where you want to be and reward yourself this ME-time that’s you’ve been postponing.
Our retreats are available for personal / private session throughout Asia. Should you wish to customise yours, please connect with us.
Who should attend this retreat:
* Anyone who is ready to make changes
* Anyone who is tired being stuck in the same patterns, the same rut
* Anyone who wants to align and realign what they want and need out of their (personal / professional) life
You are welcome to meet your Life Coach for the retreat, before you make the decision to sign up. PM us soon!
If you’re ready and want more details, please fill in this form https://goo.gl/forms/Aw5PV8efhtez10Ik2 and we will be in touch with you soon.
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Visual / Graphic Facilitation Services * Kuala Lumpur

Planning to have a brainstorming or review of your group performance for the year?
Perhaps you are relooking on how to implement new KPIs with your team and not sure how to go about doing that by being inclusive with everyone?
Is your team running out of ideas on how to go about generating or regenerating new work processes?

We’re here to assist you with our best tool, the VISUAL FACILITATION.

Why US?

We’ve got 20 years of facilitation experience with small and large groups, working on various issues, with real organisational challenges from business process review, developing and identifying KPIs, brainstorming, year planning, conflict resolutions, social responsibilities and… the list goes on and on…


Over the years, we find that VF helps those who are involved in the process are
1) less threatened by the process
2) every idea and every one matters
3) it gives a safe platform for individuals to provide feedback
4) it’s fun
5) it highlights the strengths available in the group involved
6) it provides neutral ground
7) it provides consensus and options for the group

How to find out if VISUAL FACILITATION suits what you / your team needs?

Have a chat with us, and let us understand what you / your team needs. We will provide options and should you find that workable, we will give you a proposal.

Should you wish to find out more and speak to us, do complete this form https://goo.gl/forms/qrAMnfUgD5B2HQpG3 and we will get back to you soonest possible.

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All-women Discovery Retreat * Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Attention Ladies…
Come and join this must-attend retreat, specially designed for you!
Pick up our Discover-Empower tools to help you go through your current challenges, RElearn to unwind, detox, connect with other retreat participants, reconfigure and restrategize so that you are, more than ever, stronger and more equipped to face and brave the current and future challenges.
As the retreat is extremely limited, you will get a personal coaching session during the retreat and also receive a 1-hour complimentary post-retreat coaching session with your Retreat Coach.
This is our last open retreat for #AllWomenDiscovery for the year, so don’t take too long to decide to sign up! Of course, if you have a group that are keen to work with our #LifeCoach, you can book a private retreat at anytime.
Good news — sign up in group of THREE or more and get 10% off.
Another good news — all past and current coaching graduates get 15% off the published fees.
PM us to register and fill in this form https://goo.gl/forms/SdRGlhpvayqrUjfm1 to get the full retreat program.
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Rest Relax Rejuvenate Retreat * Langkawi Malaysia

This Langkawi Retreat awaits you this coming May 2017. The aims of this retreat are to help you align, accept and atune yourself with your life purpose and plans, AND to allow yourself to Rest, Relax and Rejuvenate in different elements in the beautiful magical island of Langkawi. The retreat is designed to let you take a step back for you to have a look at what you’ve accomplished so far, and help you tweak and fine-tune areas that need more attention and focus while the outdoor activities are there to give you new fresh perspectives on your current challenges. Sign up for THREE or FIVE days OR request for your own personal private retreat by booking a seat, please fill in this form https://goo.gl/forms/dij9zfdSjXezWYGD2 and we will get back to you soon with the full program details. If you’re keen to have this program customised for you and your circle of friends or team, please let us know. #BeHereNow #bodymindsoul #raiseYOURvibration #personalcoaching #coach #lifecoach #merapiindah #kualalumpur #INspire #INnerAction #INbalance


Benefits of Meditation

Start meditating today!
If you wish to learn how to meditate, you may request for personal weekly session or join our Mini Mindfulness Meditation Retreat or the full retreat.
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