Exclusive Personal Retreats in Malaysia

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The Human Whisperer

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I’ve been using The Dog Whisperer episodes numerous times during my training, coaching and facilitation, as there’s tonnes of gems you can get from each episode.

Here you see a man in his element, he thrives, he BEcomes alive and BEcomes one with his environment, with his animals, the dogs.

Here’s how you can use Cesar Milan’s The Dog Whisperer to coach yourself, regardless of the situation you are in.

1. Watch the episode with open mind, when you’re ready. Suspend all judgments. Watch several episodes as each episode highlights different challenging situations.

2. Have a notepad with you. Write down what ‘pokes’ you, what you relate to, what makes sense. Write down your A-ha’s.

3. Don’t miss out the LIFE lessons. Figure out how this applies to you, in your life, with your current challenges. Make SMALL changes. Commit to BECOMING a better you!

Here’s some of my A-ha’s from watching Cesar, for the millionth time!

  • Be in the moment.
  • Don’t live in the past.
  • Move on.
  • You need to lead yourself.
  • Be balanced.
  • Watch your energy, it’s more powerful than your words.
  • Being a leader requires 100% commitment, and you need to be one all the time.
  • Address issues immediately. Correct the behaviour, not the BEing.
  • You can only be successful (at what you want to achieve) when it’s at the right ratio — Discipline, Affection and Structure.
  • Be serious with what you want.
  • Visualise (positive outcomes) of what you want to happen.
  • Know what you want.
  • Every member of a team is equally responsible.
  • Own your space.
  • When your followers feel safe with you leading them, that’s a sign of a GREAT leader.
  • A GREAT leader is in full control.
  • Don’t feed on the fear, insecurity, and nervousness.
  • Live in the NOW!
  • What matters is who you are right NOW.
  • Thrive from the power of the pack.
  • What you believe, you become.
  • Confront your fears.
  • The basic foundation of a relationship is TRUST.




Personal Mantra * ACCEPT and EMBRACE

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Quote of the Day by Maya Angelou

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EXCLUSIVE One-on-One Personal Retreat in Kuala Lumpur / Rawang /Petaling Jaya

Due to requests, my coaching service is now available through personalised one-on-one retreats, at various locations in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. Stay tuned for updates on various locations.

SEVEN STEPS on how to go about registering for YOUR own personalised retreat.

1) Send a video of you – talk about anything that comes to you mind. 5 minutes is enough. do mention your hopes and objectives from the session.

2) SKYPE meeting with me for about 5 minutes or a face-to-face meeting with me in Petaling Jaya.

3) Decide on a session — weekend or weekday (hint: weekday session’s cheaper)

4) Register by blocking a set of Retreat Dates with your full payment.

5) Upon payment confirmation, I will proceed with all arrangements to receive you. Stay ready to receive further instruction on more HOMEWORK before coming to your personalised retreat.

6) Make your own travel arrangements to the location of your choice.

7) Show up for the retreat! :)

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