Graphic Facilitation ~ The Works

2014 visual fac - 7 workshops






The super 7 workshops on Visual / Graphic Facilitation essential for your development as a Visual /Graphic Facilitator.

The workshops will run with minimum 3 participants and maximum 10 participants.

Stay tuned for updates on the next workshops. If you wish to have me run this in your city, please contact me soon.

Have a great week!

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A Coaching Guideline @ The 4 Quadrants



I have started using this 4-quadrant template in my coaching sessions lately. I used to have only 3 sections which were A-ha!, Download and Purpose sections in my coaching.

The A-ha! is about FINDING something new you discovered about yourself – in the way you manage things that happen, something new that you didn’t see before or any other A-ha! you discovered about yourself.

The Download section is about getting whatever it is that is bugging you by ‘downloading’ is in just 3-minutes. Be cautious of the time spent on this, as most seem to be addicted to the negatives.

The Purpose part is about training your mind, heart and soul about what you want out of the coaching session. It’s training you to be more conscious of getting what you want… whether it’s the coaching session, what you want out of the day, from a meeting, etc… There must be a purpose to everything you do.

I find that it’s more purposeful to include PATTERNS in a coaching section where coachees get to analyse their own life patterns… the way they respond, behave, speak, think and feel in various challenging circumstances of their life.

So, using this template and FACILITATION techniques, I find most people respond better to a guided coaching / discussion.

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what is coaching guideline ~ 4 quadrants

MH370 – we’re coming!


It has indeed been a very dark weekend. The whole nation is now on another test, it’s right after the issues with water and haze.

Wishing families of those affected to be strong.
2014 mh370

An Invitation @ Graphics Facilitators’ Gathering

If you’re in town, come join us! Check the Visual Facilitation page of page book for the event details.

See you then!

2014 GF Forum

Graphic Facilitation ~ An Introduction is now available for personalised group booking.

Now you can book a personalised session for you & your team. PM for your location, duration (1 or 2 days), main objectives (purpose of the participants taking up this skill) and team size and we’ll get back to you soonest possible.


2014 intro grafac