Life Lessons…

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life lessons — from a span of 5 years’ journey…

* nothing is permanent
* nothing truly belongs to you… only you belong to Him
* be truthful of your situation, especially to yourself
* never ever burden another to relieve yourself of your own pain
* it’s OK to fail, to go through bumps and detours, fall, get hit, receive punches, get stabbed, just make sure you don’t lose YOU in the journey
* never lose Hope.
* the answers are always given, if only you accept it… or accept it when you are ready (and do THAT quickly)
* extend your hand to another, regardless of your situation, help to your best ability, with what you have, wherever you are
* get out of your challenges… with pride, with honour, with triumph!


…and my wish for you reading this… should you find yourself in a challenging situation, don’t feel bad about yourself. this current experience is supposed to enhance you, refine you, beautify you, liberate you, strengthen you, and it’s all for your benefit. it’ll be difficult to see it as something beneficial, but i promise that if you just hang in there, you’ll always going to be shown the way out… have Faith… in You! And in HIM (whichever way you identify that Supreme Power).


Personal Mantra *** I am Enough

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Too many times, we get caught up with the BELIEF that we could never achieve Happiness. Or the idea that we don’t deserve Happiness. Two totally different aspects – Deserving and Achieving, yet, the end result is still the same devastating outcome.┬áSo, we give ourselves all the reasons (or excuses) for delaying Happiness.

In my coaching sessions, I find that most of the unspoken responses are usually due to lack of Self-love that numbs a person from knowing how to Receive and how to Give.

One of the toughest challenges one could be facing in life is self-criticism. Too many people make up beliefs that are not even True or of The Truth when they lack the skill to do this. THIS hinders a lot of progress and blocks opportunity, help and love coming their way. The tendency to deprive themselves of these items could lead to self-destruction or self-sabotage.

Here’s some simple steps to gain your SELF back. In a seated position (if you wish, on the floor, legs folded), close your eyes and go through these steps.

* Find Your Center. Be still for some moments. Take time out for YOU. It’s time you listen to yourself. It’s time you be your priority. All the happenings around you all this while have been selectively ignored, so it’s time you sit still, breathe and listen.

* Listen. Listen to your heart. Listen to your voice. Listen to your surroundings. Listen to what’s not being said. Listen to what you have been ignoring, suppressing and denying. Do not associate what you hear to anything just yet. Just take this time, and give your undivided attention, and just BE.

* Breathe. Get in touch with your SELF again. Notice how your body is moving when you breathe in… and out. Feel your beating heart. Feel the way your body is moving in this Stillness. Just breathe, deeply. Fully. Breathe.

* Visualise. Picture yourself finding a solution to your current situation. Visualise you triumphing at the end. Reprogram your thoughts, your subconscious that the right solutions will find you.

* Let Go. Diminish all thoughts that are poisoning you. They serve no purpose. Let them go, feel them leaving you. Replace that with Energy, with more Power, and Strength.

When you are ready, open your eyes.


This is part of an exercise during personal retreats and also coaching sessions. Should you need a personal guidance to help you deal with your situation, please contact me to arrange for a session. A full scale exercise on this takes about 15 to 30 minutes.


Exclusive Personal Retreats in Malaysia

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The Human Whisperer

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I’ve been using The Dog Whisperer episodes numerous times during my training, coaching and facilitation, as there’s tonnes of gems you can get from each episode.

Here you see a man in his element, he thrives, he BEcomes alive and BEcomes one with his environment, with his animals, the dogs.

Here’s how you can use Cesar Milan’s The Dog Whisperer to coach yourself, regardless of the situation you are in.

1. Watch the episode with open mind, when you’re ready. Suspend all judgments. Watch several episodes as each episode highlights different challenging situations.

2. Have a notepad with you. Write down what ‘pokes’ you, what you relate to, what makes sense. Write down your A-ha’s.

3. Don’t miss out the LIFE lessons. Figure out how this applies to you, in your life, with your current challenges. Make SMALL changes. Commit to BECOMING a better you!

Here’s some of my A-ha’s from watching Cesar, for the millionth time!

  • Be in the moment.
  • Don’t live in the past.
  • Move on.
  • You need to lead yourself.
  • Be balanced.
  • Watch your energy, it’s more powerful than your words.
  • Being a leader requires 100% commitment, and you need to be one all the time.
  • Address issues immediately. Correct the behaviour, not the BEing.
  • You can only be successful (at what you want to achieve) when it’s at the right ratio — Discipline, Affection and Structure.
  • Be serious with what you want.
  • Visualise (positive outcomes) of what you want to happen.
  • Know what you want.
  • Every member of a team is equally responsible.
  • Own your space.
  • When your followers feel safe with you leading them, that’s a sign of a GREAT leader.
  • A GREAT leader is in full control.
  • Don’t feed on the fear, insecurity, and nervousness.
  • Live in the NOW!
  • What matters is who you are right NOW.
  • Thrive from the power of the pack.
  • What you believe, you become.
  • Confront your fears.
  • The basic foundation of a relationship is TRUST.




Personal Mantra * ACCEPT and EMBRACE

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