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EXCLUSIVE One-on-One Personal Retreat in Kuala Lumpur / Rawang /Petaling Jaya

Due to requests, my coaching service is now available through personalised one-on-one retreats, at various locations in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. Stay tuned for updates on various locations.

SEVEN STEPS on how to go about registering for YOUR own personalised retreat.

1) Send a video of you – talk about anything that comes to you mind. 5 minutes is enough. do mention your hopes and objectives from the session.

2) SKYPE meeting with me for about 5 minutes or a face-to-face meeting with me in Petaling Jaya.

3) Decide on a session — weekend or weekday (hint: weekday session’s cheaper)

4) Register by blocking a set of Retreat Dates with your full payment.

5) Upon payment confirmation, I will proceed with all arrangements to receive you. Stay ready to receive further instruction on more HOMEWORK before coming to your personalised retreat.

6) Make your own travel arrangements to the location of your choice.

7) Show up for the retreat! :)

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Personal Beliefs, Philosophy and Life Challenges

Most challenges people face are usually caused by their belief or philosophy that they hold on to that doesn’t ‘carry water’. It means that this philosophy is self-made, self-conclude, self-programmed and is not the actual TRUTH.

The main reason they face the challenging situation they are in is because their philosophy serves no more purpose, and they need to reevaluate their belief(s) and find the RIGHT answer.

The closer one is to their philosophies, the more challenging they are at letting go of the ‘out-dated’ philosophy. Other reasons are due to their own ego, afraid to admit they are wrong or that the beliefs that they uphold all this while are too shallow (or deep or too much etc) and no longer resonates with their BEING. This include those related to customs, religions, cultures, and other belief systems that have been programmed into the human CORE system that have affected the way one think, believe, and act.

The best way to face this situation is by doing self-reflect. The journey inwards can save YOU in the long run. And THIS can benefit everyone around you too.

So my personal philosophy is… to have no philosophy.

BE in the present. BE in the moment. Just BE.
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World Cafe: Facilitation Series * 17 Oct 2014 in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia



Innovate your next learning, meeting or discussion using #Visuals and #Facilitation techniques. Design the learning paths, combine visuals and texts to make the idea exchange more memorable, and use tools and methods to uncover new #ideas, find solutions and improve team dynamics.

PM MERAPI INDAH to register.


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